Introducing Eketaab

We are living in the information, knowledge and communication age which has been started by the revolution of information where recovering of information plays a big role in industrial, cultural, social developing of community. Information is the most important criteria for developing of countries. Current society is called either software society or the information society, and living age of communication is the most important principle for a development life. One of the best ways to share information, cultural and scientific works is internet which most of the people somehow have access on it.

Eketaab is for collecting, maintaining and publishing scientific and cultural works, books, reports, researches and other Persian language textual references and Eketaab is for introducing contemporary authors and researchers of country and presenting their scientific works and researches with reserving rights of authors and publishers. Eketaab, for being unique between Persian eBook library, tries to make available rare and valuable works of authors, researches and translators of the country (from past to present (to scholars, and tries to be connector among book suppliers (authors) and their readers.


Eketaab tries to collect and translate, in addition of Persian important books, basic and useful researches of foreign and internal researchers who have researched about different scientific and social issues in the country and make them available to researchers for filling one part of the big gap, lack of access to information and researches in the country, and generally Eketaab intends to have something to present for all generations and all tastes.

In addition, lots of written and compilation by our contemporary authors either didn’t have the chance to be published or have been published in very low circulation which are not available for all. The most appropriate way for wide supplying of these works and introducing authors and their works for all around the world is electronic library.



To collect, electrify all text works and make them available through website.


  • Eketaab intends to achieve in the following goals:
  • Maintenance the scientific, literary, cultural and artistic works of country (rare and endangered works and books, magazines collections, important and necessary works…) through retyping or scanning them.
  • Simplifying availability to rare and valuable works and references of the country especially for researchers, teachers and students.
  • Making available researching reports for researchers who are interested in the field of research.
  • Collecting accomplished researches and studies in different fields and languages of Afghanistan and translating them to Persian
  • Collecting poems, lullabies, stories and other references of Afghanistan children's literature with public access
  • Introducing contemporary authors and researchers of country and presenting their scientific works and researches with reserving rights of authors and publishers.



Eketaab intends to prepare all valuable and necessary works and references in the following sections and make them available to readers:

  • History
  • Art and Literature
  • Culture and Society
  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Law
  • Constitution and laws
  • Agriculture
  • Journalism
  • Afghanistan Studies
  • Leadership and Management
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Technology


Eketaab Team:

Eketaab team is organized by people with necessary abilities and skills who work in the following sections:

  • Categorizing and reviewing
  • Editing
  • Checking before Uploading
  • Upload
  • Checking after uploading
  • Database



Benefits of eketaab

  • Providing dialogue with authors and discussion about a particular work
  • Providing availability to data about the latest works
  • Short and low cost process of publishing information
  • Low cast for publishing electronics works
  • Access to electronic version of books
  • Adding multimedia data
  • Easy searching methods
  • Flexible for editing or publishing new work
  • Affordable and easy distribution




Contact Us:

Address in Afghanistan

Jade Mahbas, Ibn Sina16, Herat, Afghanistan                     

Telephone:         0093793718718



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